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Registration is required. Please wear a mask to the event to support and protect our immunocompromised people.

SHOLA COLE aka Pirate Jenny

(They/Themme & She/Hers) is a New York based performance artist and Afro-Caribbean/UK born immigrant. An artist, adult learner, neuro-queer and youthfully mature being unpacking their gender non-conforming edges - Cole explores radio, movement, drawing, figure modeling within a time traveling tool wearing persona, Pirate Jenny (PJ).

Nights of Black Queer Manifestation

Nights of Black Queer Manifestation, a project by Jaguar Mary X, a Black-Queer-Trans artist in the Hudson Valley. NBQM promotes awareness about the history and legacies of our oft ignored black queer ancestors.

The Art Life Institute

is a performance art incubator, gallery space and exhibition venue

located in the historic Rondout neighborhood in Kingston, New York.

For more information:

195 Abeel Street, Kingston NY 12401

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