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6-10pm  185 Abeel St

Opening Reception

Saturday, April 3rd 6-10pm

Performances by Evie Star and Friends


Mid-Month Gallery Event

Saturday, April 17 6-10pm

Music, Spoken Word and Performance Art hosted by Awakening Trans Art Coalition (ATAC):

FULL MOON Closing Reception 

Monday April 26th 6-8pm


Gallery hours: Friday - Sunday 3pm - 6pm or by appointment


In the exhibition Fovea Centralis Rearranged, Evie Star draws a connection between art and the claim for it by creating a call to “refocus” imposed distinctions between art and life, challenging our perception of artistic practice and presentation by juxtaposing the ubiquitous and mundane with the fantastical and wild. Images in the show were shot with an iPhone, but instead of elevating the daily use of technology and what it may produce, Star’s iPhone photography pushes the notion of what art is to what it can become through the daily study of shape, color and abstraction with an accessible tool like a smartphone. 


Evie Star selected the work in this exhibit while residing in the magical, transgendered studio at the Art Life Institute in the Rondout. The influence of the space on Star’s work and the ideas, sensations and emotions that arose while residing near the Hudson River marked the selection process for this show. 


Asked about the art exhibition, Star said that while creating the photographs, the challenge was to work within and beyond the visual capacity of their Iphones 6 & 10. In the process, they noticed the effects of technical manipulation in both simple and complex photographic situations. Some of their work transforms shape and color into purely pictorial suggestions like paintings, while in other compositions, everyday objects and instances appear “rearranged”, oddly situated and barely recognizable in their beauty. Fovea Centralis Rearranged invites gallery visitors to experience the photographic possibilities available through the study, experimentation and manipulation of image potentials and enter a world of multi-colored accents, seductive surfaces and expressive resonances.




Evie Star, is a trans non binary, queer, fluid, and a gndrfckr from Dublin, Ireland. They have lived in London, Munich, and Copenhagen, and NYC/Upstate NY since 1988.


I find inspiration in many places, my subconscious mind, the wilderness, the wasteland and precious spaces in urban environs, all of which have influenced my creative style and process. I create art because I like to challenge myself, create internal change, focus on liberation and self expression and as a self ritual healing practice. I specialize in Photography, drawing, painting, installations, performance art and experimental music. I focus on Liberation of self expression. I also enjoy working with other artists in collaboration, alliance, partnership and combination, because you just never know what you might discover, in oneself and in another. Without art in my life I am miserable.


My art style is influenced by Dadaism, Surrealism, and the ever wondrous digital mediums of zeros and ones. I am motivated by other artists that push the boundaries of self expression and freedom of expression in all mediums. I've been creating art for 50+ years. One artist that I extol is Marcel Duchamp and I find their work to be the true essence of rebellion and push against “normalcy”, an insight into “anti-art”! I like to connect with the art community by meeting and talking to receptive artists. My work has shown and performed at Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, Winetavern Gallery, Dublin, The Gap Store, London, LGBTQ Center, Kingston, NY and The Beverly Gallery, Kingston, NY. Evie Star has had their work published in “The Handstand”, “The Irish Times”, “The Sunday Independent”, and “Rolling Stone”.


When people see my work, I hope they experience a heightened sense of self, thoughts unthinkable, sights unseeable, sounds unhearable, and feelings unfelt.


“Nothing is ever the same.” -Evie Star

195 Abeel Street, Kingston NY 12401

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