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RUNNING TIME  0:33:15  Showing from 7:30 (looping installation)


Shaman 5:13

Benson A'kuyie, GERMANY

fire is light

fire is warmth

fire is cozy

fire is genderless

fire is darkness

fire is cold

fire is destruction

fire is in me




Vivir 2:24  

Amanda Morell, USA

Vivir is a short experimental film that explores the threshold of becoming of age.


Let Them Be Loved 6:00 

Chelsey Morgan, USA

After her son comes out to her, a mother turns to prayer to process the implications of his sexuality on his future.


Sisters 4:07  

Allie Morgan, USA

A story of two sisters coming to terms with their sexuality in different ways and their coming out journey together.


Stone Roses 3:07

Ryann Jet, USA

I began my film journey when I was given my first camera. I was fascinated by the process of storytelling, and how they came together on camera. I graduated from St. John's University with a Bachelors in TV and Film. From there I expanded my writing and directing knowledge by writing various screenplays and directing shorts. I particularly like creating unique worlds within the Sci-Fi genre. I absolutely loved the dark nature of this project. I wanted to convey what the artist was going through with Shadow Work and self reflection, which is why mirrors are so heavily used.


Car Therapy: Uncoupling 7:18

Jennelle Williams, USA

A college therapist who moonlights as a ride-sharing app driver meets a too turnt lesbian couple with too much tea (and other things!) to spill in the car.


Thelonious Love - No Shade 2:06

Justin Wilson, USA

The Love shows off many facets of his personality in this high energy, hypercolored video.


Home Always 3:00

Busola Boyejo, NIGERIA

This is the story of a young Black lesbian couple going through financial struggles and their boundless love.




RUNNING TIME 1:09:28 Screening from 9:30 - 10:40



Stolen Glance 6:17

Rosanna Sanchez, USA

During her hotel stay, Edith spends every evening reading a book while sitting in the lobby. And every evening she observes a beautiful woman, Camille, who always sits down on the other side of the lobby and plays the piano. Edith stares at her beauty a little too long this time, and gets caught in the act by Camille. However, instead of looking away, Camille stares back at Edith. Camille invites Edith to sit and play the piano with her. Edith nervously agrees.


Outside the Aquarium 25:00

Alex Mello, GERMANY

"Outside the Aquarium" is the new exhibition of protagonist Jonas. In his paintings he portrays his experiences as a black immigrant and part of the LGBT Community expressing his fears, loneliness and dreams for the future.


Ni Aquí Ni Allá 15:2

Ley Comas, USA

Ni Aquí/Ni Allá is a personal documentary that centers a conversation between filmmaker Ley Comas and their mother about their gender identity. As the middle child of christian pastors, Ley never imagined that transitioning was possible. Growing up, in the Dominican Republic, Ley only witnessed trans people portrayed as evil char-acters, punchlines in movies and TV shows, or outcasts and victims. At home, anything that went against God´s word was an abomination. This documentary follows Ley´s physical and psychological journey to become themself, while struggling to find a middle ground with their family.


Seriam os Deuses Astronautas  2:51 

Rogerio Farandola, BRAZIL

YOUR GOD IS NOT WHITE. A message from 200 light years. A reflection on LIFE, DEATH and REBIRTH. The final words and an Afronaut's delusion drift into space.


Zee Liberation 11:35

Zee Liberation, USA, Hudson Valley

Short Film on flow arts, community, and liberation. 

This project is made possible with funds from the Statewide Community Regrants Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature and administered by Arts Mid-Hudson 


Luazul 20:00

Letícia Batista, Vitória Li, BRAZIL

Riva returns to Brazil and finds herself lonelier than ever. Flavia there's no time to feel alone. Their lives meet up as well as dream on around football fields.

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