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Autobiographical Character-Making Workshop

Show us how you portray yourself...

19 - 29 August 2019

Facilitated by artist Maria Eugenia Chellet.

Workshop description:

Participants will create a self portrait made out of cardboard in life size. This activity proposes an autobiographical visual narrative for each participant. The result will be an articulated figure accompanied with a narrative card from the author’s life that will both be shared on the final open public day.

General and specific objectives:

To create an articulated life-size figure to thoughtfully deepen on each participants life.


To create an exhibiting sphere within a playful setting where the 10 participants can show to the public their self-characters made in the workshop.

To hold space for the debate and participation with the participants with the goal to work on themes like subjectivity, longing, traumas, fantasies and dreams.

To put visual arts knowledge and plastic arts making techniques into play.


This workshop invites participants to spend a whole day sharing about their life and exchanging ideas in such way that one life key moment can be chosen to be captured in the production of the cardboard character which is inspired in the Mexican traditional articulated doll “Lupe”. With the use of personal materials, collages, photographs, drawings and paintings the character will be conceived with the image and similarity to the author, who will also write a brief text about a moment in their life chosen between the facilitator and the participant to be shared on the final exhibition.

To whom this workshop is aimed for:

All colleagues interested in creating a self portrait with the proposed prototype using the autobiographical narrative methodology described.



Cardboard, cutter, paint, scissors, pencils, paint brushes, glue, various personal objects and photographs, wool, fabrics, show laces and pertinent applications.

The workshop will have a length of 10 days. Each session will run from 11 AM until 6 PM. The exhibition will take into account 11 figures each with its own narrative and the participation of each participant to liven up their character. 


Public group show on Thursday 29 of August.

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