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Black is Queer is Freedom Performance Art Festival

Friday, June 18th

6:30pm Ritual Opening / Invocation (Outdoors at Art Life and the Rondout Public Pier) led by Jaguar Mary X with and festival artists.


8pm Nia and Ness (Our Black Lesbian Love Is a Form of Resistance)

Nia & Ness are a Black, out-lesbian couple and performance-art duo, whose work is their visual-auditory diary. Since starting their company in 2016, their art and love have transformed into something greater than they dreamed of. Taking their work beyond performances, they’ve launched their podcast, Reclaiming Love with Nia & Ness on Spotify, iTunes and iHeartRadio. Follow them on social media @niaandness .


10pm  Queer Ancestral Portal Activation by Jaguar Mary X via Instagram Live (Takes place throughout the night) The activation process will be live for ten minutes every hour on the hour from 10pm until 10am.  After 11pm, messages that are channeled through the portal will be live streamed on Instagram Live. At 10 am in the morning on Saturday, Juneteenth, IONE from the Ministry of Maat will channel the final message and close the portal. 


Saturday, June 19th

2 - 3:30pm mama [rose] -  film and artist talk by storäe michele

mama [rose.] is an afro-futurist queer, circular time-traveling performance piece following three familial relationships and their journeys toward acknowledging and addressing intergenerational wounds. In part autoethnographic, as a black queer non-binary filmmaker, poet, playwright, performer, theologian and educator, this piece incorporates my family history and memories as retold by my 97-year-old grandmother. I also incorporate my surrealist sensibilities in reimagining black familial relationality. 

storäe michele (she/they) is a black queer, shape-shifting, non-binary femme, afro-futurist performer + storäe-teller. their experimental films, performances, and choreopoems center black femmes, honoring their routes to authenticity—the reclamation Follow @storae.michele


4-6pm Shola Cole aka Pirate Jenny: Juneteenth Radio Transmissions and Handcrafted Tools for Liberation 

Shola Cole (She/They) is a queer Afro-Caribbean/UK born immigrant and NYC based performance artist. Using radio, movement and a time traveling tool wearing alter ego called Pirate Jenny - Cole explores historical contexts within personal legacy as a Black GNC Lesbian and former classically trained/traumatized musician. Ongoing works include, Biographie of Service, using narrative, storytelling, figure modeling and viewer participation; critiquing Cole's selfless contortions for consumer satisfaction and Hung a participatory piece examining the necessity and social perception of hand washing garments. Recent investigations include farming as radical resistance and a growing part of Pirate Jenny's time travel tool collection.

6-9 Panel by our event supporters from the Newburgh LGBTQ Center live streamed at the Art Life Institute

 Juneteenth is the reminder of the ongoing struggle for Black liberation in the US. At the intersections of Blackness and of queerness, what does liberation look like? Join us as we explore this conversation with a panel of esteemed speakers to explore when our visions of freedom can be limited, how do we grapple with hetero and cis normative white supremacist culture within our movements for Black liberation?

Panelists include: Dominique Morgan, Kenyon Farrow, and Malkia Devich Cyril, with moderators Rae Leiner and Mia Edwards.

More information: 


Sunday, June 20

2pm - 3:30pm BODY MEMORY: Durational performance by experimental sound artist, Mina Barden

Body Memory is a site dependent work that traces interior space by way of cyclical use of direct measurement, the body, improvised sound and socially distant audience  participation. 

Mina Barden is a multidisciplinary artist  examining the reception of the human form in constructed spaces institutional and architectural. Her inquiries concentrate on agency in relation to sex, sexuality, race and gender. Using sound, performance, and processed based object making, Mina assembles structures that are a formal platform for unplanned improvisation and conversation.


4pm - 6pm Afro-Fractalisms with Char aka DJ Jere


6pm Festival Closing Ritual with Jaguar Mary X & Dance Party with DJ TinOra

Filmmaker,  storäe michele

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